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Established on 

April 11th 1911,

Dykeman's Hardware & Marine Ltd. was known simply by the names of it's owners; R.G. & F.W Dykeman.

We supplied Saint John and surrounding areas with flour, middlings, fertilizer and oats as well as a place to house horse(s).

For the next hundred-and-three years, the Dykeman and (through marriage) Shaw families ran the store.

Dykeman's Hardware saw many changes in that time, right down to the name on the building.


In May 2014,

Dykeman's Hardware & Marine changed hands for the first time to someone outside the Shaw or Dykeman family.

Paul Stevens, their largest marine customer and local business owner, purchased the store. 

Since then...

We have proudly been serving the Saint John and surrounding area, engaging with and supporting our local community,  and continuing to grow our generations of experience to better serve you.

By supporting local, you do more than just support a business; you support a community!


check out these cool flashbacks to dykeman's past!

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