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Our marine department will check every box on your shopping list! Stocking trusted household names such as Pettit, West Systems and Meguiar's, we are equip to tackle any boat in any situation.

Dykeman's Hardware & Marine Ltd. is an authorized Maritime Marine Supply dealer, a marine supplier located in Nova Scotia.

We stock:

- Anti-Fouling/Bottomkote Paint

- Interior & Exterior Cleaners

- Oil, Coolant & other Engine Fluids

- Safety Supplies (Floatation Devices, Flares)

- Authorized Dealer of Nautical Charts

- Stainless Steel Hardware

- Electrical Equipment, Wiring & Fuses

- Genuine Marine Parts


From fixing your closet door to gathering supplies for an

upcoming contract, we make sure you have the tools and

materials to get the job done RIGHT the first time.

We stock:

- General Workshop Tools

- Caulking, Silicone and Applicators

- Durable Adhesives

- Cleaning & Pest/Bug Repellent Supplies

- Mechanical Lubricant & Protectors


Do you have a leaky sink? Looking to update your appliance fixtures? After more than a century in the business, we know a thing or two about plumbing.

We stock:

- ABS/PVC Straight Pipe &  Fittings

- Copper Piping & Fittings

- Toilet Repair Supplies

- Sink Repair Supplies & Accessories

- U-rings


No matter if you're a finger painter or a professional painter, we have the right supplies and tools. Our paints range from interior/exterior to anti-corrosion. Find reliable brand names on our shelve such as Tremclad and Boomerang.

We stock:

- Interior & Exterior Paint

- Sprayable Paint

- Anti-Corrosion Paint

- Primer Paint

- Paint Brushes, Trays & Other Tools


Our seasonal section changes often but great things can be find all year round! Check in-store for our current product selection.


We sell Stainless Steel and Galvanized hardware INDIVIDUALLY and Deck & Drywall Screws and Roofing Nails sold BY THE POUND! 

No more having to buy a whole box of bolts just to need one or two!

The wall is separated by metal type (white boxes are stainless steel and grey boxes are galvanized). Along the bottom are more heavy-duty hardware such as carriage bolts.

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