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Mooring lines are combinations of rope, chain and/or cable used to secure vessels and boats to docks or other specified anchor points.


LANYARD - A short piece of rope attached to the boat and can be used to secure the shroud/stays or as a handle.

MOORING PENDANT - A piece of rope attached by shackle directly to the light chain. Generally speaking, the length should be a minimum of three times the height of your bow.

BUOYS - Provides a high-visibility, easily accessible point for you to dock at your permanent mooring. 

SWIVELS - A swivel placed between the mooring buoy and top chain.

SHACKLES - Used to easily connect the boat to the mooring line. To avoid weak linkage, use shackles a size larger than that of the chain.

LIGHT (TOP) CHAIN - Chain attached from the mooring buoy to the heavy (bottom) chain. Galvanized chain is recommended for the top and should equal the maximum depth of the water at high tide.

HEAVY (BOTTOM) CHAIN -  Chain attached from the light chain to the anchor or block. It will set and hold the anchor or block properly, create a catenary curve on the rode and absorb the shock of sudden, hard pulls.

ANCHOR - Normally made of cast iron or steel.

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